Cosmetic Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

This course qualifies you for CPD points and insurance cover. We cover core knowledge behind the treatment followed by extensive practical training to ensure that all our graduates are fully competent and can safely and effectively carry out Cosmetic Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy treatments

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Project Description


Thermotherapy is the therapeutic application of heat increasing temperature and accelerating the chemical reactions in the body. Thermotherapy induces a sense of wellbeing and relaxation due to dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the brain. Heat works by drawing blood into the targeted tissue and helps oxygen and nutrients to pass through efficiently. This treatment also removes cellular waste, reduces tense muscles, decreases muscle spasm and totally relaxes the body. Thermotherapy is already being used on chronic conditions or for persistent aches and muscle discomfort as well as stiffness, muscle spasm and pain relief. Thermotherapy can be offered in collaboration with many other treatments and it is often the preliminary stage of any treatment.

Cryotherapy dates back to ancient Greece but in 1940 it started to be used successfully to treat acute injuries and assist in rehabilitation. Cold therapy constricts the blood vessels and slows down the metabolism of the cells. This reduces metabolic rate, lowers the need for oxygen and nutrients and slows the rate of cell death. Cryotherapy is already used to reduce pain and swelling caused by sports and other injuries to soft tissue. Because of the excellent results in treating sprains, strains, pulled muscles and ligaments, Cryotherapy is now being utilised in the aesthetics industry with equally promising results.

This Cosmetic Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy course includes:

Safe and effective methods of working when carrying out treatments:

  • Health and safety
  • Data Protection Act
  • Client modesty, privacy and confidentiality
  • Hygiene
  • Sterilisation methods
  • Equipment set up and Maintenance

Anatomy and Physiology, and other science relevant to the treatment:

  • What is Cosmetic Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy
  • Vasodilation
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Product delivery to the cellular level
  • Skin types

Planning, preparing and consulting client before treatment and understanding the organisational and legal obligations of performing treatments:

  • Client consultation
  • When to administer hot and cold
  • Contra indications
  • Client suitability
  • Risk and side effects
  • Realistic expectations
  • Areas suitable for treatments

Carrying out treatments:

  • Step-by-step
  • Treatment techniques

Handling equipment and electrical safety:

  • Temperature selection for Thermotherapy
  • Applying barrier to the skin when administering Cryotherapy to avoid frostbite

Providing aftercare to the client:

  • Returning clients and treatment maintenance
  • Combination treatments

NB: We expect the delegates to have read the course materials fully prior to attending the onsite course at the Academy of Advanced Aesthetics

In order to graduate from all of our courses, delegates will need to pass a final written examination to assess their knowledge and understanding, and to pass a practical observation performing the treatment in full, including client consultation and aftercare

For our short courses, we will provide an Academy of Advanced Aesthetics Diploma. The Cosmetic Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy course will qualify you for insurance cover

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Medical professionals and Aesthetic practitioners


Course dates are flexible and run on an ad hoc basis. Please call for details

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This course consists of theoretical study as well as practical learning and is dedicated to highly motivated delegates


It is so refreshing to meet such an enthusiastic Educator who truly believes in maintaining high standards of best practice and service for the industry. Courses are “couture” and adapted to fit your individual needs ensuring you understand every aspect of the well prepared and knowledgeable itinerary.
Following the course,it is also so reassuring to know I can call Barbara anytime,if I have any un-certainties … It’s like having your Mum on the line. Fantastic ! I can’t praise and recommend these courses enough