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Ultrasound has been used in medicine since the 1940s. Its safety, precise control and excellent predictable results, have made ultrasound an important addition to cosmetic practices. Ultrasound for skin rejuvenation offers excellent results without pain, anaesthesia and down time. Ultrasound not only deeply exfoliates the epidermis, increases penetration effectiveness by up to 4000 times compared to hand application, it increases collagen and elastin production and also repairs damaged cells, breaks down fat and controls pigmentation. Ultrasonic action helps to slow down the signs of the ageing process which cosmetic surgery CANNOT do. Dramatic results can be observed even after the first treatment. Ultrasound brings important new opportunities to the aesthetic industry, offering many non-invasive new treatments which are safe and suitable for most people including those with sensitive skin and rosacea.

Our courses are suitable for Medical professionals and Aesthetic practitioners

NB: We expect the delegates to have read the course materials fully prior to attending the onsite course at the Academy of Advanced Aesthetics

In order to graduate from all of our courses, students will need to pass a final written examination to assess their knowledge and understanding, and to pass a practical observation performing the treatment in full, including client consultation and aftercare. For Level 4 courses, after having completed the practical session at the Academy, students will be asked to complete four case studies and a 5,000-word assignment in order to complete the course

Level 4 Accredited Course certificates will be issued externally. For our Short Courses, we will provide an Academy of Advanced Aesthetics Diploma

Our short courses, for those wish to learn more about the treatments without gaining an accredited Level 4 course, are one day in duration

The Ultrasound for Skin Rejuvenation Level 4 accredited course carries 8 credits and will qualify you for insurance cover. Some of these credits can be transferred to other courses if the subject matter overlaps. For example, if you have studied the necessary Health and Safety legislation in the Aesthetics sector, you will not need to cover this in the same amount of detail for any additional course which covers this same material

Our Level 4 course is based on core knowledge taught on the short course but in addition includes a substantial theory component which explores the science behind the treatment further, and comprises of a two-day practical training session (rather than one day in the short course) where you will be asked to demonstrate your competence in the treatment through a series of assessments and exams

Course Structure

Unit 1

Safe and effective methods of working when carrying out treatments:

  • Health and safety
  • Data protection act
  • Client modesty, privacy and confidentiality
  • Hygiene


Unit 2

Planning, preparing and consulting client before treatment and understanding the organisational and legal obligations of performing treatments:

  • Client consultation
  • Contra indication and contra action


Unit 3

Anatomy and Physiology, and other science relevant to the treatment:

  • What is Ultrasound for Skin Rejuvenation
  • Characteristics and layers of the skin


Unit 4

Carrying out treatments:

  • Step-by-step
  • Treatment techniques


Unit 5

Handling equipment and electrical safety:

  • Electrical science
  • Importance of using appropriate contact medium throughout the treatment


Unit 6

Providing aftercare to the client:

  • Returning clients and treatment maintenance
  • Combination treatments